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quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

The Summer Diary

Olá a todos , é de facto a primeira vez que escrevo em Português no meu blog , mas decidi que podia alargar os meus horizontes e escrever em dois idiomas =) Bem para mim isto é o começo do meu blog , que como alguns sabem não é o meu primeiro , mas espero certamente que seja o meu melhor . A partir de hoje vou organizar o meu blog de uma maneira diferente , por temporadas , como nos desfiles de moda de que tanto gosto . Esta temporada será inteiramente dedicada ao meu Diario de Verão (Sim porque para mim o meu Verão só começa esta semana) , Vai ser uma temporada para mostar tudo o que eu vou fazer durante este Verão 2010 , os lugares que vou visitar , as culturas e pessoas que vou conheçer (...) prometo não deixar faltar NADA neste meu Diário de Verão . Se quiserem dar uma olhadinha nos meus looks visitem o meu Lookbook e comentem ham =) Bom Verão para todos .


Hello to everyone, is my very first time writing in Portuguese in my blog , but i've decided that I can extend my horizons and write in two Languages =) Well for me this is the beginning of my blog , as some people know is not my first , but I really hope that be my best . Since today I'll organize my blog in a different way , by seasons , like fashion shows that I really love . This season will be all dedicated to my Summer Diary (Yes because the summer for me is beggining this week) , Will be a season to show what im going to do during Summer 2010 , The places that I will Visit , the cultures and the persons that I will Know (...) I promise that I'll not leave anything missing in my Summer Dairy . If you want to check out my looks visit my Lookbook and comments Yeah =) Good Summer Everyone .

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segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010

A touch of Brown

Pretty day like I was expecting , very calm and sunny . Im excited to go beach this weekend *-* I wanna be a little more bronzed this summer =) Well My today's look in my oppinion is just amazing , I love every single pieces and Is soo romantic . Well I have my Tripod at home right now *-* So im pretty sure that the today's photos are looking like much better =)

domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

Sailor Sunday

Hey Guys . Im MaryWhitney as you know . Well I dont really look like good in the photos , and my people are not good photographers at all . They just hate when I ask them for take me pictures and most of time they are just upseting me because im always takin it . Maybe one day I'll find the perfect person to be with , to understand me and of course to take me good photos =) ... Maybe one day

Well Today was a good sunday , I woke up very happy and I started to get ready to the lunch here in my house with Zé and her wife Fernanda , You Guys Will know them in the future because I used to be with them a lot . I have some photos of Zé here so I'll post here =) . Was a Lazy but funny sunday , as I like . Tomorrow I'll buy the tripod for my camera , Yeeah im pretty excited to start takin my own photos , Hope they look much better than they look now haha I know the photos are just such a s### , But I'll try to do better =) So see you tomorrow Guys .

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